Spay or neuter the cats you feed!
Adopt a Rancho Viejo kitten now.

April 2013 advoCAT report now available

Download advoCAT brochure.

advoCAT wins Community Impact Award and $1,000 from Alley Cat Allies!
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For more information about nationwide TNR, visit Alley Cat Allies at  

Aldermen pass cat ordinance May 11,   2010, with revisions to protect TNR and TNR cats.   Mayor & Aldermen pledge publicly to support TNR and protect TNR cats and caretakers.

TNR presentation to Health & Safety Committee
Rancho Viejo feral kittens being fostered for adoption in TNR volunteer's home.
Spayed cat being cared for by TNR volunteer.
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Love N Pets Youth Group and Girl and Boy Scouts made Community Awareness Day a success!